w88优德(中国区)官方网站     w88优德(YOOGLE品牌),建设于2016年,工厂位于上海市金山工业区。YOOGLE是一家集金属基新质料研发与制造为一体的科技型企业,拥有一支国际化、专业化、履历富厚的谋划团队。同时,我们还与海内外众多科研院所、企业建设起优异的相助关系,配合挑战要害性子料手艺,为企业可一连生长注入新鲜的生命力。


Founded in 2016, Yoogle has its facility located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park. Yoogle is a tech company integrating the R&D as well as manufacturing of metal-based new materials. Not only do we have a professional and experienced team with an international background, but we have established long-term ties with a number of research institutes and enterprises across the world, with which we’ve been constantly challenging the limits of key materials technologies, which has injected vitality into the sustainable development of YOOGLE. 

Applying novel micro/nano-material technologies onto metal substrates, YOOGLE has developed metal-based new materials with brand-new appearances & functions, which are suitable for various post-forming processes. The materials can be directly processed into target decorative or functional components by customers, which can be widely used in new energy (chemical batteries), automobiles, electronic communications, flexible displays, construction, etc. YOOGLE will be dedicated to the field of metal-based new materials, aiming to promote technological advances as well as sustainable development. Together, let's Materialize the Future!